Badacsony for us

After János Ranolder was appointed as bishop in Veszprém he fell in love with the Balaton’s scenery. He said once: „…this place, where we stand right now, is the most beautiful land in the world. There will come the time when thousands and thousands travelers from foreign nations will come here to see all the beauty of the world in one place”

And he was right indeed.

This is the beauty that we admire day by day, and this is the reason why our mission is to share this wonder with as many people as possible by visiting Badacsony.

What gives this special energy to the visitors of Badacsony? What is „all the beauty of the world”?

To name just a few: here is the Badacsony hill, with its basalt organs, nature trails and wonderful views. Churches, chapels and Szegedy Róza House.

Badacsony Wine Region is one of the most beautiful historical wine regions in Hungary, with wonderful vineyards, many famous and small family wineries and the finest dry white wines in the country.

The lake and the lights gave inspiration to many photographers and painters in the past. József Egry the „painter of Balaton” lived and created his art here. This is the place where he fell in love with the scenery of Balaton: „The vulcanic hilltops near Badacsony-Gulács are a rare beauty. With such a beautiful scenery its no wonder that even the simplest day can become festive.”

We strive to provide all the conditions for these beauties to live.

Our guest house is located at the Badacsony foothills, in the center of Badacsony. The Balaton, its beach and the wine path are at a 100 meters distance.

Our accomodation is a beautifully renovated 6-person apartment („Öböl” apartment). Our 4-person family room and 2 person guestrooms are equipped with television, wifi acces, air conditioner and refrigerator. All of these support our guests to have the opportunity to recharge.

We provide roofed parking spots in limited numbers for our guests in the courtyard of our guesthouse.

We are looking forward to meet you!

Gyöngyi and Robi

We are looking forward to meet you!